Name: Tsutsumu, Servant of Lord Yzin
AKA: Mr. Tsutsumu, CEO of Tsutsumu Corp.
Birthday: Not Applicable
Position in Evil Empire: One of three Demon Generals, answering to Lord Yzin.

Tsutsumu is the biggest and baddest of the Demon Generals, and also possibly the most brilliant. Although not the most loyal of Yzin's chosen, he fought for the conquest of Earth a thousand years ago alongside his master, until Earth's first heroes banished him to an alternate dimension.

However, now he's returned, but with a new plan of his own. He's formed a gigantic conglomerate corporation, dubbed Tsutsumu Corp., and built its headquarters in Okashi City. Destroy the girls? Nah. He's there to convert them to his side.



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