Name: Grant Kyokasho
Birthday: Not Applicable
Favorite Food: Anything
Least Favorite Food: Nothing, except for maybe those little chalky mints you sometimes get at restaraunts.
Title in Higher Hierarchy: Planet Earth Crisis Overseer, Reporting to Vice President of Mankind Relations, Higher Authority
Years in Service: 872 (since 1130 A.D.)

Mr. Kyokasho is Okashi City Junior High's replacement Algebra teacher, due to an incident involving the previous teacher. He came to Earth mainly to deliver a message to Miya, but also to sample the local cuisine. Miya and him seem to have had some kind of a relationship while with the Higher Authority, although neither of them can be brought to say what sort of relationship it was.

A charming young lad, at least in appearance, his cordial attitude and rugged good looks are enough to bring Riley to the realization of her first crush. Poor girl.



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