Name: Tristan Drue Stallings
Tristan Means: Sadness
Birthday: October 31, 1990 (Scorpio)
Favorite Colors: Green and Black
Grade: 6th, Okashi City Junior High School
Favorite Subjects: None
Least Favorite Subjects: All of 'em
Hobbies: Writing, Playing Guitar, Listening and Collecting Music
Favorite Food: General Tso's Chicken
Least Favorite Food: Peanuts
Favorite Types of Music: Industrial, Techno, Blues
Favorite Types of Movies: Biographical Drama, Action
Wants to be when she grows up: Undecided
Fun Fact: Mother divorced in 1993, remarried in May 2002. Moved to Okashi City the following August.

Somewhat of a social outcast, Tristan dwells in something of a punk-goth lifestyle. She's new to Okashi City, just having moved there the previous summer, and had no desire to make friends. At least, until events spun her into the fray of an eons-long battle for control of the Earth. It is up to her, along with her new-found companions Alex and Riley, and her kitty mentor Miya, to save the Earth from an interdimensional army.



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