Name: Alexandria Kelly O'Connor
Alexandria Means: Defender of Mankind
Birthday: December 9, 1990 (Sagittarius)
Favorite Colors: Blue and Green
Grade: 6th, Okashi City Junior High School
Favorite Subjects: Gym and Lunch
Least Favorite Subject: English
Hobbies: Collecting stuffed animals, Dancing, Playing piano
Favorite Food: Pizza with the works
Least Favorite Food: Dill Pickles
Favorite Types of Music: Pop, Jazz
Favorite Types of Movies: Horror, Romantic Comedy
Wants to be when she grows up: Pro Athlete or Fireman (Firewoman?)
Fun Fact: Owns 117 different stuffed animals, including bears, dogs and a ferret.

Alex was chosen by the Higher Authority to save the world from the approaching evil. She was given a magical wand and sent on her way. All this on the morning of her first day of Junior High! With her best friend, Riley, and her guardian and mentor, Miya, by her side, she's supposed to rid the planet of evil demons and monsters who've escaped from an alternate dimension.



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