Angel Moxie is the tale of three Junior High School girls and their quest to save the Earth from evil demons from another dimension, all the while making dorky pop-culture references and poking fun at the "Magical Girl" genre they're contributing to. If that doesn't whet your appetite enough to dive right into the archives, then feel free to read through the spoiler-heavy synopsis provided below.

Chapter 1

One day, Alex woke up with a magic wand in her hands and was assigned the mission of saving the world from an interdimensional evil. Her best friend, technical whiz Riley, instantly stepped forward as her sidekick, and soon they were joined by Miyaneko Gato, their feline mentor from the Higher Authority.

Meanwhile, the mysterious new girl in town, Tristan, was tapped by the forces of evil to aid in releasing the evil Vashi from her dimensional prison, and was promised rule over France in return. Tristan succeeded in releasing Vashi, but ended up kicking her halfway across the globe with her amazing strength for retracting on their deal, just as our heroes arrived at the scene.

With Vashi temporarily out of the way, the three girls joined forces to track down the catalyst that first tore the whole between dimensions, allowing Vashi to contact Tristan. Turns out, it was one of Okashi City Junior High's teachers, a major demon in disguise!

Chapter 2

While the girls took care of business, Vashi, in France, freed the next servant of evil, Shugari, who she sent to Okashi City to deal with the chosen heroes of the Earth. Miya, worried about the level of preparedness of her chosen ones, decided to visit with the Higher Authority to ask for assistance, and in the meantime, left her coworker and the new algebra teacher, Mr. Kyokasho, in charge.

Riley got a crush on Mr. K, and resorted to wearing a bow and looking cute to get him to notice her. Then, the N'Tune Boyz, the next hot boy band came to town. Turns out, though, they were Shugari's minions in disquise! Tristan, the only girl in town who didn't fall under their spell, defeated them, but unfortunately Shugari discovered who the chosen heroes were, and started plotting their demise, via an evil sleepover!

With the heroes held powerless, due to Shugari's generous application of make-up, it was up to Miya and Mr. K to save the day... but at a heavy cost.

Chapter 3

Vashi, meanwhile, travelled to the snowy ends of the Earth to free the final demon general, Tsutsumu. But, while Vashi set off to aid in Yzin's rebirth, Tsutsumu set his own plans in motion.

Back in Okashi City, Miya continued to train the girls, Alex specifically, for their eventual facing of Yzin. But, when the girls decided to stand up against Miya's slave-driving ways, Miya unleashed a swarm of demons in a feeble attempt to teach them a final lesson. Sadly, it interrupted Alex's first date with her lab partner, Kevin, and only led to pain and suffering until the Higher Authority stepped in.

While all this happened, Tsutsumu watched from his towering corporate headquarters in downtown Okashi City. Miya, humbled by her error in judgement, immediately seperated herself from the team, leaving the girls wide-open for Tsutsumu's influence. He invited the girls to join him in his own play for control of the world, which included defeating his own master, Yzin, in exchange for all the information Miya couldn't or wouldn't provide. The girls cautiously agreed.

But when Tsutsumu failed to provide information about himself, the girls broke off the agreement, only to see Tsutsumu reveal that he had captured Miya. He expected the girls to cave to his will, but instead the girls quickly formed a plan for rescue and retreated to Riley's basement.

Chapter 4

The final chapter starts where Chapter 3 left off. The girls mounted an offense against Tsutsumu's headquarters, a plan that astounded Miya. While causing chaos and confusion, allowing Alex to teleport up to face Tsutsumu, Riley and Tristan both found their ultimate power, along which came some spiffy costumes!

But that's not the half of it. Turns out Tsutsumu was gracious in defeat, and willed his giant company to the girls, who suddenly found themselves with a wealth of resources at their disposal in their efforts to track down Vashi and Yzin's whereabouts. It couldn't have come at a better time, too, since the girls were faced with the daunting task of final exams.

Once summer vacation came, the heroes set off towards South America and the closest coastline to where Yzin's location was believed to be. A quick remote reconnaissance confirmed their suspicions, and they set off for the final battle in the morning.

Though Vashi tried her best to deter their approach, the girls landed with a crash. Riley and Miya set off to the base of Yzin's tower to set up a dimensional void, one that would destroy Yzin again, and once and for all. Tristan and Alex, in turn, headed up towards the tower's apex, where they confronted Vashi. Tristan cleared a path for Alex to continue upwards, while she stayed to face her archenemy.

At the top, Alex found the hulking evil demon lord Yzin waiting for her. Yzin instantly proved himself a formidable adversary. Meanwhile, it seemed as though the battle against Vashi was lost for Tristan, but a final push allowed her to dispatch Vashi forever.

Riley and Miya, having opened the temporary void below, joined Alex above in time to see their hopes dashed. Alex lost her wand, which Yzin took great pleasure in crushing beneath his immense foot. Riley tagged into the battle, but was no match for Yzin. Alex had to find the power within herself to come to Riley's aid once again. Having destroyed the dome enclosure, exposing the tower's top floor to the sky, the battle took to the air, and Alex soon found herself in a tight position once again.

Tristan, however, arrived just in time. Miya orchestrated a turnover of Riley and Tristan's powers to help Alex deliver the final blow. A new Alex emerged, ultra-powerful and decked out in a new costume. The concentrated power of all three girls burst Yzin into pieces, which crashed to the ground atop the tower. Unfortunately, Yzin started to reform, and with her final breath, Alex shattered part of the tower, plunging the remains of Yzin into nothingness, ultimately defeating him.

The girls were able to catch Alex just in time, but it was too late. Alex was alive no more.

Miya realized the situation, and the only thing that could be done. In her final task on Earth, Miya gave her mortal life in exchange for Alex's. The girls stood victorious and all in one piece, while Miya returned to the Higher Authority to join Mr. Kyokasho as the janitorial staff. The Earth was safe once again.

The End. Now, go read the whole thing for reals. My stupid little synopsis doesn't do the story justice, if you ask me.

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