Name: Riley Sharon Rosenbaum
Birthday: June 14, 1991 (Gemini)
Favorite Colors: Yellow and Blue
Grade: 6th, Okashi City Junior High School
Favorite Subjects: Math and Science
Least Favorite Subject: Gym
Hobbies: Building electronics, Programming, Web Design, Video Games
Favorite Food: Mac 'n' Cheese
Least Favorite Food: Coconut
Favorite Types of Music: Electronica, Classical
Favorite Types of Movies: Cartoons, Sci-Fi
Wants to be when she grows up: Inventor or CEO of Internet Corporation
Fun Facts: Owns four computers - a flat screen iMac and an iBook (both running OS X and used for online activities, Web design and games), a PowerMac 8100 (her first computer), and a built-from-scratch Linux box (her 'project' machine)

Riley is excited about Alex's appointment as Savior of the World, since it gives her an excuse to try out her pile of wacky inventions against the hordes of monsters escaping from the alternative dimension. Riley has been Alex's best friend for what seems like forever. She's always had an affinity for electronics, and was 'given' the basement for a lab by her supportive parents.



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