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Faboo compilations of each chapter, as well as some behind-the-scenes info from Dan
himself, in pocket-sized 5" square books. Now you can take your Angel Moxie with you!

Chapter 1: Magic, Monsters and Junior High

#001 to #125. Alex is given her magic wand and the task of saving the world with the help of her friend Riley and her feline mentor, Miyaneko Gato. Meanwhile, Tristan is recruited by Vashi to help free her and begin Yzin's renewed conquest. Plus, the girls have to band together to defeat a demon disguised as a teacher! Bonus: Dan sifts through sketches and doodles to show how the girls came to be!


Chapter 2: Of Love and Sugary Evil

#126 to #259. Mr. Kyokasho comes to Okashi City Junior High, and Riley instantly falls for him. Vashi frees Shugari, who also heads for Okashi City and disguises herself as a fellow student. And an evil boy band comes to town and tries to hypnotize the city's girl population into a life of evil! Bonus: Dan takes you behind-the-scenes to show how a strip gets put together!

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$10 book + $10 shipping = $20

Chapter 3: Snowy Doom and Subterfuge

#260 to #395. Alex goes on her first date, only to be interrupted by a swarm of demons unleashed on the world by her own mentor! Meanwhile, Tsutsumu, the third demon general, arrives in town as the head of a large corporation, and has aims of turning the girls to evil! Bonus: Dan shows a little on how the girls were given makeovers for chapter 3 and how Tsutsumu came to be!

United States and Canada:
$10 book + $5 shipping = $15

Everywhere else in the world:
$10 book + $10 shipping = $20

Chapter 4: Friends, Foes and a Bit of Moxie

#396 to #618. It's a book jam-packed with final battles - so much that this final chapter is 50% bigger than each of the previous three! First, the girls face off against Tsutsumu in a massive assault on his corporate headquarters! Then comes the ultimate showdown versus Vashi and the Demon Lord Yzin! And if that weren't enough, the girls still have to contend with the most evil of evils at the same time... final exams! Bonus: Dan shows off the evolution of Yzin and the early designs for the girls' costumes!



The entire Angel Moxie saga compiled in a single 9" x 7", 316 page
book. While there isn't any behind-the-scenes goodies, there is
written commentary on many of the individual strips by Dan himself!

The Complete and Annotated Collection

The first year of Junior High can be tough. Imagine if you had to save the world as well? Three girls are charged with the task of saving the entire Earth from invading demons from another dimension and their master, the evil Lord Yzin.

This honkin' thick book features all four chapters of the series, with little notes, insight and criticism from the artist himself!

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