Dan Goes on a Cruise
( And Takes Lots of Pictures )

Ryan and Rhonda in the stateroom Walking up to the terminal Crossing the street Waiting to board the boat Not-so-hidden Mickey The Mickey Slide!!! The Emergency Drill Does it fit, Rhonda?
Hey look! It's Key West It's still Key West Margaritaville The boat from a hotel top floor Duvall Street A church The sunset begins A lifeboat!
The famed sunset Animator's Palette all colorful The kids at dinner Happy Anniversary! Mickey and Lumiere's Mickey and the Atrium Cozumel shore #1 Cozumel shore #2
Cozumel shore #3 Cozumel shore #4 Ready to go offroading The Pee Pee Station! Jeeps and our guide Ryan snaps a photo of Rhonda The trail On the trail
The Mayan ruin Rhonda makes a wish The private beach #1 The private beach #2 A ray of light Cozumel at night #1 Ryan tapes Cozumel lit up Cozumel at night #2
Cozumel at night #3 Mexicali characters #1 Mexicali characters #2 Castaway Cay The kids survey the island Laundry Dry Clean only!!! On the beach
Mount Rustmore The boat from the beach

Look at the silly monkey!